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Connect the Dots Video Marketing Podcast

Jul 26, 2022

Leon McDonald is a Cincinnati Portrait Photographer who co-owns the Janellee Photography photo studio with his wife.

In this episode of Connect the Dots, we discuss Leon's journey from age 5 when he first discovered his passion of photography through today and the 40 Over 40 project, which I participated in.

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Jul 19, 2022

The ultimate foundation for converting sales regardless of media is knowing who you serve - your target audience. 

The second more important thing is where they spend time. 

Where they spend time ultimately determines what type of media they interact with and what media options are available to you to reach them...

Jul 12, 2022

According to a June 17, 2022 article in Search Engine Journal, not only are users going to TikTok to search for information but they actually prefer it over Google.

You might be asking why?

Vicki reviews the reasons why as well as what you can do about it.

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Jul 5, 2022

There are 3 reasons every marketer and content creator should keep in mind with every asset published - and the main one is to create with the intention of repurposing. 

What is repurposing anyway? Content repurposing is using the same piece of content or asset in another format and/or on another platform. This can be...