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Connect the Dots Video Marketing Podcast

Dec 6, 2022

Being new to creating video is no different than being new to starting your own business. 

Well, maybe it's a little different. 

Creating videos with YOU as the brand - or face of the business - means being vulnerable. That's hard for most of us. 

And when we're vulnerable and not sure what or how to create a video mistakes are bound to happen. 

The good news is - each is easily correctable! Here are the 3 mistakes I often see new video creators make. Listen to the episode to learn how to correct each one. 

  1. They don't look at the camera - they look at their reflection.
  2. They are monotone.
  3. They create one, long, continuous video (especially the long form videos)

Do any of these sound (or look) familiar to you? If you are making any of these - or know someone who is - listen to or share this episode. 

Even if you're experienced, #3 will be a good listen.

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