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Connect the Dots Video Marketing Podcast

Sep 6, 2022

We've all heard it. "We gotta cut somewhere!"

"We need to hit our margins. Cut marketing!"

"Marketing's just an expense anyway. If we need to cut somewhere, let's cut marketing."

Do any of these sound familiar? 

Even if you haven't been the one making the decision, you've likely heard someone else say this. 

And what happened during the recession and AFTER the recession?

I haven't heard or read any positive stories about 'Hey Company ABC cut their marketing budget and hit record breaking sales numbers during the recession!"

Have you? 

If you have, please share it with me. I need to a new perspective on this constant cookie cutter response anyway.

Anyway....this week is a short episode so go ahead and click play, enjoy and if we aren't connected on LinkedIn, let's change that - and start a debate or conversation on this topic.